TAPT festivals are only open to 18 years and older. Babies under supervision are therefore not allowed. The only exception is the Sunday of Utrecht TAPT, then all ages are welcome.

Why? We have deliberately chosen this, purely to distinguish ourselves in the event landscape where there are often events where you can go with the whole family. Mum and dad can also go loose on TAPT.

For all editions of TAPT you need a valid ticket to get in. These can be purchased via our website and social media channels.

General info

The festivals of TAPT are specialty beer festivals with a new look. The combination of lots of great beers, tasty food, chilling out, playing games and ultimately one big party through a spectacular music program are the core elements of TAPT Festival.

Keep an eye on our TAPT Facebook page for the event pages per event for more information.

House rules

To prevent ambiguities and to maintain order during the TAPT events, house rules have been drawn up. These hang at the entrance of the event before you enter. As soon as you enter the event you agree to these rules. If you have any questions about the regulations, please let us know.

Read the full house rules here

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