De Eeuwige Jeugd Brewery opens Bar in Amsterdam East

Beer breweries starting their own bar, it seems to be a kind of trend! Bird Brewery has been tapping their beers in their own bar in the Diemerbos for a few months and the women of Gebrouwen door Vrouwen are opening their own bar (opening party is planned for 1 March).

The beer bar of Brouwerij de Eeuwige Jeugd, which is still to be opened, will be located in a monumental corner building on Linnaeusstraat (next to Oosterpark). The property has an area of ​​477 m2. and a sunny terrace of 100m2 … wow! They will use the terrace in both winter and summer, so making beer on the terrace will be very easy.

The spacious building is subdivided into several rooms and that is perfect for events, drinks parties, but also for the ideas that the men of the Eeuwige Jeugd Brewery have. Spice Girls vs. Backstreet Boys Karaoke Battle Room? Ball pit Photobooth Paradise? Glow in the dark Disco Ping Pong? Swings, hammocks and a monkey cage terrace? These are a few wild and playful concepts that the men mention on their crowdfunding page. Whatever happens at the bar of the Eeuwige Jeugd Brewery, it will be activities where you can reach your inner child again. If you are not in a playful mood, you can also just drink beers with some goodies to eat. You can also drink a cup of coffee or sip an alcohol-free beer.

Sustainable beer bar

The Eeuwige Jeugd also thinks about the future and furnishes their beer bar with sustainable and recycled material and the dishes on the menu will mainly be vegetarian and organic.

At present, 23% of their investment needs have been raked in, so when they open with the beer bar at Oosterpark in Amsterdam East it is not yet clear. But I’ll keep you informed!


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